Fly fishing Rods

Dive into the heart of our collection of Fly Rods, carefully selected to meet the requirements of expert and specialized anglers. Each rod is the result of a passionate quest for excellence, combining the latest advances in research and development with meticulous design to bring you the perfect synergy of lightness, precision and durability.

Our fly rods incorporate advanced technologies to maximize speed, action and power, to adapt perfectly to every fishing technique.

-For Nymphing: Rods specially designed to offer exceptional sensitivity and unrivalled precision, enabling you to present your nymphs with optimum accuracy.

-For Dry Flies: Light, fast rods optimized for casting dry flies on lakes and rivers, guaranteeing a natural, effective presentation.

-For Lake and Reservoir: Our selection of rods are designed to adapt to all techniques and all line densities, from floating (F) to diving (S0.5 to S9), guaranteeing efficiency and adaptability to every technique and condition.

-For the Sea: Extremely resistant Fly Rods, capable of resisting saltwater corrosion and fighting the most combative saltwater species, guaranteeing reliability and performance.  

Our selection is a promise of superior quality and absolute satisfaction for fly fishermen. Our dedication to excellence is fully evident in our choice of world-renowned brands such as Scott, Marryat, and others, ensuring that our customers have equipment not only up to their standards, but also designed to help them excel in their passion.